PPRA Guidelines

Following are some general Guidelines which should be followed  for Advertisement  of any procurement.

  1. Mention Procedure i.e single stage single envelope, single stage two envelope etc.(Adopted procedure will follow the rules for that perticuler procedure) (RULE 20)
  2. Mention Closing Date and Time of Bid Submission.(Minimum Response Time for any procurement is 15 days after publication of advertisement. Incase the advertisement is published in both PPRA website and in Newspaper the response time will be calculated from the date of advertisement in newspaper) (Rule 13)
  3. Mention opening time of the Bid which shall not be less than 30 mins of the closing time.(Rule 13)
  4. Mention Bid Security which is to the extent from 2% to 5% of the bid price.(Rule 25)
  5. Cost of the bidding document shall restrict to printing and providing cost only. (Rule 23 (5) Explanation)
  6. Avoid any conditions which are in conflict with any other AJ&KPPRA Rules 2017.